Exam Information

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Exam Information

The AOMPEB written & practical examinations are administered twice per year in March and October of each year across the United States.
The exam venue is determined by the AOMPEB. Candidates are assigned to testing centres on a first- come, first-served basis. If space is full, candidates may be offered an alternate site based upon availability.
Written examinations include Part 1 (basic science), Part 2 (clinical science), Part 3 (clinical skills, legislation & ethics), Part 4 (practical).

  • Part 1

Includes subject examinations in each of three basic science areas: anatomy, physiology, and pathology. Each subject examination contains 110 standard multiple-choice questions and is allotted 90 minutes of testing time. Total testing time for Part 1 is 270 minutes.

  • Part 2

Includes subject examinations in each of the osteopathic manual practice and associated clinical sciences. The subject examinations consist of 110 standard multiple-choice questions. Part 2 is allotted 90 minutes of testing time.

  • Part 3

Addresses many clinical areas including: case history, examination, techniques, case management, legislation and ethics. The Part III Examination consists of a total of 110 standard multiple-choice questions. The testing time is 90 minutes for Part 3.

  • Part 4

Addresses the hands on ability of the candidate in performing manual osteopathic examination and treatments. The Part 4 Examination consists of stations were candidates are evaluated on different aspects of their hands-on examination and treatment performance. The hands-on practical examination time is 90 minutes for Part 4.

These nine hours of written and practical exams are designed to evaluate your competence for practicing osteopathic manual practice in the States.

  • Your understanding of terminology and vocabulary;
  • Your understanding of facts, principles and generalization;
  • Your understanding of illustrations;
  • Your ability to recommend appropriate actions in some specific clinical situations as it relates to manual osteopathic care;
  • Your ability to make appropriate clinical recommendations on the basis of information provided in a clinical situation.

Test Sites

The American Osteopathic manual practice Examining Board (AOMPEB) administers written and practical examination for osteopathic manual practitioners who have graduated from schools accredited by the US Council on Osteopathic Manual Practice Education (www.ucompe.org). The test sites are determined based upon applicant distribution and administrative considerations.